This three minute fifteen second video represents the Buckingham Test & Tune, a gathering of Vintage Boats and Classic Cars over a three-day event – May 19th, 20th & 21st.

Friday late afternoon on May 19th folks gathered at the Thomas Showroom for crackers, cheese and wine and then cruised down Main Street in Kelseyville, California to the Lady Luck Garage for a wonderful meet and greet with food & drink. During the Buckingham Test and Tune on May 20th and 21st beautiful Vintage Boats and Classic Cars & Trucks were on display while some of the finest vintage boats took flight on Clear Lake.

The Dream Team Joe Bullock Rich Scogins John Walti Peggie Bonds/Rick Bonds – Registration/ Parking Lead Therese Tippit – Registration Support Linda and Bob Mardock – Registration support Cookie Gilmore/ Louie Gilmore – Registration Support/Parking Support Rex Claytor and Jim Tippit – Parking Support Doug Morris – logistics Ginny Craven – Marketing and News Releases Rick and Shannon Gunier- Marketing, Buckingham Test and Tune event engraved wine glasses and Goodie Bags. David Noland- Video productions/promotions and Drone Footage.

Allen and Donna Thomas- Thomas Showroom Event. Award Dinner Auctioneers. Boat Trophy Build. Evan and Kim Gradik – Car Trophy Build. Chuck Sutfin and Lynn Corey- Lady Luck Event Rachael Teague- Car Show Judging (lead) Paul and Margaret Malley – Car show Judging. Awards dinner MC. John Walti and Bob Silva – Boat Show Judging. Matt Miller-Logistics, Margarita Bar, T shirt sales. Cathi Scogin- Credit Card Lead and T Shirt Sales. Scott Courts, Commodore and Awards Dinner MC Elle Keikoa/Scott Courts- Spectator Safety. Region 9 Safety Crew – Bill MacKay (lead) Joe Johnson, Teri Zeimer, Rick Wideo, Julian Rucki Mike Carillo- Awards Dinner Chef Extraordinaire

SPONSORS 1 Papa Murphys/ The Shop 2 Scott Courts 3 Precision Cleaning 4 Wicked Graphics 5 Carillo Concrete 6 Davis Tire 7 Ye Old Barber Shop 8 Lakeport Tire and Auto 9 HD Video Creations 10 Lovison Vineyard 11 Northcoast Wine Grape 12 Lady Luck Garage 13 Bullock Mountain Winery 14 White and Sons Boat Works 15 Maharaja 16 West Coast Ag 18 Classic Auto Body 19 Common Grounds Coffee 20 Brizio Street Rods 21 The Saw Shop 22 Kelseyville Lumber 23 Konocti Realty 24 Hillside Honda 25 Conser Survey 26 Bell Haven Resort 27 Six Point Ranch 28 Reedyville Signs 29 Konocti Bicycle 30 Thomas Showroom 31 Tango Mike 32 Caccia Plumbing 33 Jack and Judy McManus 34 Napa Auto Parts 35 Sally/ Darrel Robinson -Bronze 36 Braitos Marina -Silver 37 The Dock Factory 38 T and A Automotive 39 Nordhammer Art Foundry 40 John Lawerance 41 Malleys Rally’s 42 Richardson Boat Works 43 Performance European. 44 RED Beard Wraps 45 Buckingham Golf Course

Filmed, Edited & Produced by HD Video Creations. www.hdvideocreations.com