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Bakeman & BBI CB Break Slide Show

Posted In Promo Videos - Saturday, June 1, 2019

This slide show was created using the photos I had collected and shot. I would love to give credit to some of the photos but some of these photos are from different people. Most of them are my own photos but wanted to thank all of the folks who have posted your photos out there. I retrieved them from the "net"  I was blessed to have been invited By Don (Log trucker & Lin to attend my dear friends Annual Bakerman & BBI Break this year 2019. I dabble in producing artwork and video for a variety of events.   When I do it for 11 meters it gives me much joy.   I spent the day getting some great footage of folks having real good time. I am sorry I didn’t have time to mingle more but was deeply into getting some good footage. The folks at this break were the best. The food was awesome. You know when the vibe is there. It was there! So I put this out as fast as I could to let the folks appreciate the hard work these folks did to put this beautiful break on. Enjoy this Slide Show, I had fun filming, Editing and Producing this CB Break with a video and Slide Show.   A Special Shout out to Tom Smith for his footage. His contribution was greatly appreciated.   “Some Big Hammers Were Out That Weekend” To My Good friends Bullet Bob, Dennis Tate, and Mark McLean, you all made the very long trip from Cali an excellent one. Both Ways!! Great Group of guys and Gals in the North West Corner.   Hobby Dave Noland, A Nor Cal Mud Duck said that!

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