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Birth of Four Birds. Lake County

Posted In Promo Videos - Tuesday, June 16, 2020

I had the pleasure of filming a family of simple brown birds all raised in fourteen days. 

The story goes like this. In the process of taking down some old hanging plants from last year and replacing them with two new ones just purchased, my Wife shocked me when she said “LOOK” a bird’s nest with six eggs was nestled within the old plant. This was just before I was about to dump the whole thing in the garbage, 

We immediately re-hung the old plant in the same place just under the new plant. I thought I would try and film the whole process. I was able to get enough footage to create a decent presentation of a family of birds who raise their young to first flight!

Yes, I got the first flights from the nest. Something I worried about for two weeks. This was all right outside our front door. 

Being this close I noticed many things. One in particular was that there seemed to be between four and five adult brown birds in the area with the Mother and Father kind of helping look over the nest. Yet only the parents did the feeding. The mother bird did nearly all the work of around the nest

Notice the Mama Bird watching over one of her young when first flying at the end of the video.

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